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Extension Shafts

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If the shaft on your 1/4" threaded shank is too short, our coupler and shaft extensions will add length.

8" Rotary Extension Shaft with 3" Cotton Buff & 2 Adapters
Insert one end in your drill, hold the stationary metal sheath with one hand while the inner shaft rotates your flap wheel or buff. If you are sanding or polishing bowls or other hard to reach areas, our extention kit is indispensible. The 1/4" shank fits in the collet of your drill. You can remove the 3" buff and attach a flap wheel or 3" H&L disc holder (sold seperately).

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2" Long with 1/4-20" Threaded 1/4" shaft
4" Long with 1/4-20" Threaded 1/4" shaft
1/4"-20 Threaded female to 1/4"-20 Threaded female coupler
Rotating Buff Extension X 1/4 (8" OAL)