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Sand Flap

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Sand Flap
Available "Exclusively" at Supergrit Abrasives

- Sand and Debur contoured shapes with a rotary tool.
This is a new and much needed product.

"Sand Flap" 3" Face width, 4 1/2" to 5" Diameter (when rotating) mounted on 1/4" Shank

These Aluminum Oxide cloth backed flap wheels are slit into hundreds of 3/16" sanding fingers. They are designed to work like a contour flapwheel, but on a smaller scale. They can be used on a drill press or hand held drill at up to 6,500 RPM.
Available in five grits: 180, 240, 320

Name Description Order
Sand Flap mounted on 1/4" Shank Grit: 180
Sand Flap mounted on 1/4" Shank Grit: 240
Sand Flap mounted on 1/4" Shank Grit: 320
Sand Flap mounted on 1/4" Shank Set of 3 grits ** Mix and Match Grit: 180,240,320