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Turn your Drill Press into a Lathe

"Shop Fox" Lathe Attachment

"Shop Fox" Lathe Attachment The "Shop Fox" steel lathe attachment includes a base plate with a frictionless live center at the base. The mini screw center attaches to the wood work piece and connects to the drill press collet at the top. A 12" verticle tool rest, parallel to the work piece steadies your cutting gouge or chisel.
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Sanding Drum Mandrel for Drill Press or Lathe

Sanding Drum Mandrel for Drill Press or Lathe
This mandrel allows you to attach 4 1/2" long drums to your drill press. The 3/8" shank fits in the collet. The 1/2" shaft fits snuggly into the arbor of the rubber drum. You can also attach this mandrel to your bench motor shaft with a Keyless chuck, Which we sell seperately.

12" Long threaded shanks are available in 3/4" and 1" diameters with 1/2" reduced shank at one end and a centered divit at the other end. Use these with the 9" Long rubber drums or pneumatic drums on a drill press or lathe.
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12" LONG 1" DIAMETER THREADED MANDREL w/BOLTS Grit: "3/8"" reduced shank"
12" LONG 3/4" DIAMETER THREADED MANDREL w/BOLTS (FITS INSIDE 9" DRUMS) Grit: "5/8"" reduced shank"
#D2722 Mandrel for 4 1/2" x 1/2" Arbor Drums